Rules of Procedure and Exhibitor Guide

1. Organisation

The exhibitor formally undertakes to abide by these terms and acknowledges having read them. The terms are accepted and approved.

2. Admission

The booking of the stands should be submitted by 1st April 2016; after this date, any remaining places will be allocated. The organiser reserves the right to refuse a request without stating its grounds. The exhibition management is the sole and definitive judge on the admission of exhibitors and exhibits.

3. Billing and payment

The exhibitor undertakes to pay 50% of the total upon booking that will be effective on receipt of the first payment. An invoice will be prepared and the balance must be paid before 15th March 2016. The price does not include food, accommodation or travel.

4. Allocation and distribution of the stands

The allocation will be carried out by the organisation endeavouring to allocate the exhibitor their choice of stand. However, ALCA alone is responsible for the layout. Exhibitors must identify on site the location and the dimensions of the positions that have been allocated to them (maps and diagrams are only provided as a guideline).
The organiser expressly reserves the right, if necessary, to move each stand module, to modify it or to assign participants another of the same value as the one initially intended, without the participant being able to demand reimbursement of the fee or compensation.
Unoccupied stand modules on the opening day of the festival may be allocated to another exhibitor without the signatory of this commitment to participate being able to demand reimbursement of the fee or compensation.

5. Installation and dismantling

The installation will take place from Thursday 14th April from 2pm to 8pm and Friday 15th April from 9am to 1pm.
The exhibition will open from 8am for exhibitors on Saturday and Sunday. Any handling is forbidden once open to the public.
Vehicles are not permitted within the hall during setting up and dismantling.
Attention: after unloading equipment during installation on your stand, please remove your vehicle from in front of the entrances and park it in the exhibitor car park if you have booked your place or in a nearby car park.
Dismantling should take place on Sunday from 6pm to 12am.

6. Public opening hours

From 2pm to 8pm on Friday, from 9.30am to 7pm on Saturday and from 9.30am to 6pm on Sunday.
The stands must be uncovered before opening to the public and must not be covered up again until closing time. Out of respect towards the public, the stands must be manned throughout the duration of the exhibition.

7. Pass

Access to the exhibition outside public opening hours is reserved for pass holders (bracelet given at the reception for professionals following the list of partners provided by you upon booking).

8. Exhibition sales

The sale of non-food items is accepted during the exhibition in accordance with the relevant safety standards. Food items are not authorised for sale.
The sale of counterfeits is prohibited and exhibitors will be required to immediately withdraw the products involved.

9. Delivery of goods

The exhibition team cannot guarantee the receipt or removal of goods. Exhibitors have to be present or represented at their stand during the delivery or removal of their goods.

10. Stand decoration and design

Exhibitors who wish to fit out the stands additionally must comply with the legislation in force and be able to supply the ratings certifications of the materials used to the Security Commission (tablecloths, upholstery that meet anti-fire standards). Contractor advertising within the exhibition is only permitted on their stand.
The stand structure is built by the organisation.
Fittings within the stand may not exceed the allocated surface area or the height of the walls or hinder the open spaces reserved for safety areas (evacuation zone, emergency exits…). Any installation or decoration likely to prejudice all or one of the exhibitors in any way is not permitted. The exhibitor is committed to respecting the material that is provided and to return the stand in the state in which it was found or else the costs of repairs will be invoiced to them.
Connecting the stands to electricity, telephone, water distribution and other networks are made at the exhibitors expense upon request by the date required and on the basis of the technical scope of the exhibition premises.
For security reasons, it is forbidden to store packaging behind the stand or within the confines of the exhibition.

11. Security, caretaking

The exhibition management will take any appropriate actions necessary for the smooth running of the event. It will ensure the security of the exhibition premises outside the opening hours.
The stands will be monitored during the nights of the 15th to 16th and from the 16th to 17th April 2016, from 8pm to 8am. Under no circumstances will the stands be monitored during the opening hours to the public or during the installation and dismantling.
The exhibitor is expected to acknowledge and respect the security measures imposed by the public authorities and those taken by the organiser. Likewise, the exhibitor is expected to scrupulously respect the measures internal to the event or any control measures prescribed by the organiser and any other competent authority.

12. Sound system

The organiser ensures the sound system in the sales area. Any additional sound system brought by exhibitors is forbidden, except with written authorisation from the exhibition managers.

13. Sublease

It is expressly forbidden to sublet, lend, resell all or part of the exhibitor concession at the exhibition.

14. Insurance, liability

Exhibitors are expected to insure the equipment, the furniture and the goods that they are exhibiting and to take out a civil liability policy for the duration of the event, including delivery, installation and dismantling (please bring your professional insurance certificate should the need arise). The goods exhibited and stand decoration remain in the exhibition premises at the risk of the exhibitor.
The exhibition management accepts no responsibility for theft, defacing or damage to the stands or caused by the public during the exhibition opening hours.
During opening hours and installation and dismantling, the exhibitor is responsible for monitoring their material. He commits to be present from the opening until the exhibition venue is completely empty. If, due to force majeure, the event cannot take place in part or in full, the exhibitors agree to claim no compensation. The exhibitors agree to forfeit any faculty to appeal against the organisers.

15. Cancellation of the event

If, due to force majeure, the exhibition cannot take place at all, application requests will be cancelled and the funds available after paying the expenses incurred will be shared between exhibitors in proportion to the money paid by each of them.

16. Cancellation of the exhibitor contract

Exhibitors who have committed to a rental application can no longer cancel their contract. If an exhibitor relinquishes their rental, he is obliged to provide an indemnity of 50% of the overall price 30 days before the exhibition – 75% of the overall price 15 days before the exhibition – 100% of the overall price 7 days before the exhibition.

17. Penalty clause

Any invoice outstanding by the due date is subject to statutory interest in accordance with the 31/12/92 law 92/1442. If the organiser is obliged to appoint a representative (lawyer, litigation) for the payment of sums due, it is expressly agreed that the debtor must pay as a penalty an indemnity fixed at 15% of the balance owing.

18. Territorial jurisdiction of the court

Any registered exhibitor fully accepts the rules of procedure. In the event of any dispute, the Courts of Paris shall have sole jurisdiction by express agreement.